We're on our way! Slowly but surely, Orf Brewing is shaping up. Our original "hybrid" American ales, the loveable mutts of the U.S. craft beer scene, are poised to leap onto the couch next to you and lick your face with unconditional love.

America has always been a melting pot of cultures. Why should American craft beer be any different? Orf Brewing is using its boil kettle (in lieu of a melting pot) to create a whole new breed of exceptional yet category-defying ales.

The official release of products for sale in restaurants, bars, and other Austin establishments is still very much TBD, but we've got a few options we're working on for summer 2014.  We've already done some promotional batches as collaborations with brewpubs such as The Draught House and the Whip In. We're hoping for our own limited roll-out in August or September 2014, if all goes well, with widespread bliss to follow shortly thereafter.